Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hello, world!

Travis Brant Fricker here.  A while back I was arrested due to unnecessary overly aggressive actions by an individual who honestly believed they were doing the right thing.  I had been laid off from my  job due to economy, and even though I notified DHS and a Judge Immediately after the fact an unusual set of circumstances unfolded which led me to be detained for a week.

In a nutshell, I am at peace with the person mentioned, I was rehired to my broadcasting career and I have gladly given $10,000.00 to my children after being reemployed.


I originally put this blog together to encourage anyone paying child support to HIRE A LAWYER if you ever get laid off instead of just trusting the system.  Believe me, they (the system) serve a good purpose but don't assume that they are on your side.

Work hard, pay your child support like I do and drink life!